Maribel - Jezebel Jive / Reveries

Making it a hat-trick of Norwegian act posts are Maribel, I didn't know anything about the Oslo based four piece before I walked into Cargo last Thursday and caught them play a rather lovely support set for blog favourite Lanterns on the Lake, who themselves were utterly spellbinding...

Start of off topic rant: Taking nothing away from the bands who play there I'm going to have a moan (I do try not to on here too often!). Cargo is without doubt one of the worst places in London to see live music as a paying punter, firstly you have ID checks and be searched just to enter the place, then you have to pay £4.50 (four pounds and fifty pence) for a singular can (read can not pint) of San Miguel and then you have to contend with the R&B / House / Dance 'music' that they play in the main room spilling through the curtain that separates it to the area where the bands are playing... and did I mention you can hear the noise every-time a train passes by? Please, please, bands / promoters pick one of the other, countless venues in London. There are plenty that do actually care about the people walking through the door. Rant over.

Maribel aren't anything like the past two posts, where Team Me could soundtrack your teenage, lustful moments and Like Spinning the plaintive, melancholic times, Maribel are the late night come down, their dark shimmering guitars, sinister drum beat and the breathy siren-like vocals of singer Rebekka Von Markstein create an intoxicating and beautiful atmosphere to keep the demons at bay.

You can stream / download "Jezebel Jive" below, it's the first track to be taken from their second album  (though the first with the current line-up and vocalist), 'Reveries' and is due 13th February via Splendour and available to order in the UK here. I'm somewhat addicted to it's dreamy melody and Rebekka's soft, seductive purr and I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more.