Pamela - New Music "Introducing"

When I started this post I didn't know Pamela is a side project from two members from a band I actually have a 7" by, the SF duo (I think there is another member in Pamela too but I can't find anything conclusive) are also members of The Splinters (their excellent 7" 'Blood on my Hands' can be found here) and their debut slab of wax as Pamela is due January 31st via the same label, South Paw Records (available to order here limited to 300 with the first 100 on coloured vinyl).

Once January pay arrives I'll be doing just that because lead track "Desert" is all kinds of good, despite its title Pamela appear not to follow the same dusty twang and drawl of The Splinters work, instead you can hear 90's inspired grunge punk with fuzzed-up guitars colliding with a rollicking beat, utterly explosive, it certainly doesn't outstay it's welcome at just two minutes in length, yet for the short running time it certainly pack grabs your attention and demands you to press play again (and again).

Pamela's debut EP is a tape via Whoa Whoa Records, (the last few copies are available here), 'Pamela is Hungover' displays a similar scuzzy discordance with harsh, clattering beats and destructive, murky guitars over raging yet equally lovely vocals. It's as cheap as chips too at just $3.00. Sorry I sounded like David Dickinson then, that's something you don't want when you log into a music blog, don't worry, I'm not orange, listen below and get hooked: