Retriever #2 - Happiness Falls

Retriever first showed up on this blog when they got the "Introducing" treatment last summer, this track, "Happiness Falls" (the first of 3 tracks recorded for a Spring single is available free via soundcloud or bandcamp) follows the same dark, punishing style that made their malevolent, brooding sounds so appealing on the part of my ears that wish they were permanently stuck somewhere in a dark, smoky 80's club basement.

"Happiness Falls" is uncompromising with its intent,  purposeful drum machine beats, a chunky, rumbling bass-line and circling guitar howls create a moody, eerie atmosphere in which Jackie venomous vocals intimidate and intoxicate, equally unnerving and arousing and absolutely wonderful to boot. To repeat, yours for free (even without trying to find an alternative download to that broken megaupload / filesonic link) below:

Retriever play London's Queen of Hoxton on March 20th alongside The Neat - details.