Shinies - New Music "Introducing"

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Manchester isn't a place I really categorise with the shoegaze / noisepop genre, I don't know why, probably the age-old stereotypes of the 'baggy' and 'Madchester' scenes, oh and Oasis. New act Shinies are exactly that, reminiscent of an English Crocodiles on their debut track "Spent Youth" which display an already hype-building signal of potential...

With beautiful shades of light and grey, ear-splitting guitars bury a lo-fi melody of fizzing beauty "Spent Youth" is immediately appealing to the ears and with a bit of gratuitous nudity on the cover to please the eyes, your senses should be prepared for an overload.

I don't know much about them, Google search doesn't either, but I'll certainly be listening to what they put online next.