Sleigh Bells #7 - Reign of Terror

Now here's a new track from an artist I'm sure you've not heard of before (sarcasm alert), Sleigh Bells yesterday offered up the second track from their forthcoming second album 'Reign of Terror' (due 20th Feb)...

"Comeback Kid" and last months preview "Born to Lose" aren't a world apart from anything heard on my second favourite album of 2010 'Treats', combining pop hooks with harsh metal screeches to a riotous and genuinely brilliant result. There is slightly more in the way of a classic pop melody here, through a frenzy of throbbing distorted synths and the rifftastic guitars of Derek Miller is Alexis Krauss' beautiful candy sweet vocals and pure pop lyrics, the choruses are instantly catchy and the overwhelming feeling is that despite the all loud, abrasive noise, Sleigh Bells just want to make you dance.

The duo play a now sold-out show at London's Electric Ballroom on March 1st, a lot more dates can be found on their website with more dates in the capital surely to follow.