Team Me - Show Me / To The Treetops!


I first encountered Team Me at last year's Great Escape festival and had this to say about the show "...Norwegian troop Team Me who were pleasing enough, a rich typically Scandinavian guitar based indie-pop sound laced with sparkling keys and an abundance of percussion played by six multi-instrumentalists who put their all into the show, the venue was packed and I didn't see many leave which speaks for itself"... despite the positive impact their performance at TGE obviously left on me it's taken me some seven months to actually listen to the band on record... I definitely should have sooner.

My memory was jogged by an email informing me that the Oslo sextet are about to release their debut album 'To The Treetops!' on UK shores (on March 5th via Propeller Recordings - you can also help yourself to a few free downloads from the record below). Latest single "Show Me" is great entry point, with soaring harmonies and contagious, punchy melodies it's fair to say the band are more than adept at creating delicious indie-pop filled with luscious soundscapes, dreamy instrumentation and an energy that is undeniably fun and uplifting. Similarly the Jim Steinman-esque titled "With My Hands Covering Both Of My Eyes I Am Too Scared To Have A Look At You Now" is a surging, jubilant anthem that I can see going down rather well during festival season.

As well as the album release, Team Me play London's Lexington on March 7th and also embark on a full UK / German / Norwegian tour, the dates of which can be found here.

Team Me - Show Me from APPARATET on Vimeo.

Team Me - Dear Sister from APPARATET on Vimeo.