2:54 #6 - You're Early


I sometimes debate whether to repeatedly feature artists but as this blog is for all intent and purpose a somewhat rambling online journal of my musical life I figure why the hell not, at the end of the day, if you've read about an artist before and decide they aren't for you it's not exactly tricky to stop reading...

I've been following 2:54 from almost day one of their online inception and while new single "You're Early" (released April 9th via ;Fiction) features much of the Thurlow sister's trademark mood and grit, it's a little bit of a departure too. Colette's vocals softer and dreamier than we've heard before, beautiful and soothing though, of course, it wouldn't be 2:54 without rumbling bass lines, duelling guitar and sprawling drums emitting a dark, hypnotic tension. Another fine addition to the growing 2:54 discography and one that is only going to earn them new fans.

I've previously mentioned their April tour with the incredible Chelsea Wolfe (no London date) but 2:54 have since annouced a show at London's Scala (without CW) on June 7th (tickets).