Alice Jemima - New Music "Introducing"

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As primarily a new music blog, I, like many other bloggers spend quite a few hours each week listening to new artists, some acts manage to take your breathe away for the right reasons and some for not quite the same. In the 18 months or so that this blog has been running (at various stages of development) I've discovered numerous acts that now make up most of my favourite artists, that's part of the joy and reason for spending (too) much of your spare time doing what is for quite a few people a job (this blog has no source of revenue, nor will it ever, that's not the point).

Each blogger has their own methods for new music discovery, sure you organically discover some acts at gigs etc but to keep up with the (self-inflicted) demand of almost a daily post you have to have your own trusted sources, there isn't the time in a day to listen to every email / blog so instead I've a network of friends, blogs (most listed in my blog roll on the right), email contacts that I read. Two of the avenues near the top for me are fellow blogs Breaking More Waves and Flying With Anna, both who were way, way ahead of me in posting about today's post, Alice Jemima.

There is (an already) strong collection of material on Alice's soundcloud for you to stream, I've included my favourites below. Her most recent additions "Take My Hand" and "Far From Here" both highlight a soft and intimate vocal that is overwhelmingly beautiful and fragile, backed by delicate guitar melodies the result is deceptively simple, through her charming voice and heartfelt lyrics display a level of prettiness and innocence that will touch even darkest the souls. Her videos are equally delicious, offering a wistful compliment to her gorgeous, soothing output.

 I know Valentine's day was a few days ago but it's never too late to fall in love, listen below and do just that...