The Birthday Kiss #2 - Choking

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When I first posted about The Birthday Kiss just before Christmas I promised I'd re-visit the newly formed Leeds band made up of past loves The Lodger and The Research, something called time has meant two months have elapsed since that declaration and a new single has arrived, "Choking", their most polished, thrilling recording yet.

The glittering indie-pop beauty succeeds because through its buzzing analog synths, catchy choruses and jangling guitar it leaves an indelible mark on heart and mind. Whether it's the prettiness of Sarah vocals or the way the hook gets in your head it orchestrates the key features of The Birthday Kiss' sound, it's simple, honest and human, disposable pop it is not.

The band are currently recording their debut and the early demos hint at something special. Ben who takes principal song-writing duties certainly knows how to compose melody and chorus, the lovely "Black and White" manages to encapsulate hopelessness and youthful optimism over the course of just two minutes and "Starting to Come Back to Life" recalls wistful memories of yesteryear over summery, shimmering melody, both instantly set me a flutter. The Birthday Kiss look set to appeal to a generation of dreamers.

Download "Choking" via bandcamp for free. Listen: