Bow to Each Other - New Music "Introducing"

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I can count the number of times someone following me on twitter has led to a blog posting on one hand, possibly on one finger, but that is exactly how Bow to Each Other came to my attention a few weeks back.

According to a bio on their soundcloud page the Oslo based duo spent several years in Liverpool and performed with Stealing Sheep amongst others, location is not where the similarities end either, the wonderful trio (one of this blogs tips for 2012) are a good starting point to describe their sound, a mystical melange of melancholic, haunting melodies and gorgeous vocal harmonies that combine classic pop sensibilities with a modern, experimental twist.

Bow to Each Other's debut EP 'I Don’t Hear All The Noise' was released digitally in December last year and is available via iTunes, two of the tracks can be streamed below, my favourite is probably "Red Scarves" where complicated off-kilter melodies, spiralling strings and layers of bubbling synths create a hypnotic and beautiful listen. "Bigger and Stronger" is similarly impressive, atmospheric synth and electronic beats give a dramatic, downbeat air while the beautiful vocals intertwine with twinkling keys to let in some sunshine amongst the simmering tension.

Is social networking is the future of music discovery? Probably.