Deaf Club #2 - Sunday


Deaf Club came to the attention of quite a few UK blogs with an excellent free EP in the second half of 2011 (still available via bandcamp), the 'Lull' EP highlighted a beautifully expansive sound which saw soaring, shimmering guitars interwoven with melancholic, forlorn melodies supplying more than a hint of menace and brooding atmosphere over five brilliant tracks, my favourite "Postcard" can be streamed below.

Fast forward to 2012 and the band have released "Sunday", the lead track from a limited cassette release via Club Kissability (due 20th Feb), which is similarly 'epic' in it's production and similarly good too, glistening guitar soundscapes sumptuously swirl around precise drum echoes while the beautiful, rich vocals of Polly Mackey soften all your woes, the thick, melodramatic air equally alluring. It certainly whets the appetite for the remainder of the release.

I should be able to break by Deaf Club live virginity when the band play White Heat on 6th March - details / tickets.