Ellie Rumbold - New Music "Introducing"

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Ellie Rumbold is a young (sixteen) year old singer-songwriter from London, I've been following her for a while on twitter and thought she was a writer (she is for the wonderful For Folks Sake) but a few weeks back she linked to a gig she'd just played and being the curious kind I took a sneak peek, listened to her soundcloud (where you can currently download five free demo tracks) and was blown away by her intelligent blend of introspective, mellow folk.

Appearing to draw inspiration from an earlier generation of folk singers (Mitchell / Drake) as well more recent contemporaries (yes, it's time to throw out the Laura Marling comparisons), Ellie's gentle acoustic pluckings float gracefully over her hauntingly beautiful vocals and exceptional lyrics, her reflective, wounded storytelling simply belie her youthful age.

Stream three of her tracks below (they are all so good I was tempted to include them all) "To The Sea" is perhaps the closest to Ms Marling, where her captivating use of strummed chords, powerful yet soft voice and unfolding narrative make repeated listens compelling, and "Puppet's Ballad", a dark, melancholic tale equally commands your attention and nurtures the soul, stark and delicate throughout. These are only live recorded demos... That's what you call natural talent!

I Can't help but think about when I first heard the Daughter demo EP, and if you've been following her progress for the past 15 months or so you'll know what incredible releases she's produced since. Ellie has an EP due mid way through the year, keep an eye out for that.