Fever Dream - New Music "Introducing"


Fever Dream are a relatively new trio based in the Capital whose debut release "This Waste" came out today via Underused Records and is now available on iTunes, which nicely leads to today's advice to check out the psychedelic video for the single after my usual ramblings below.

"This Waste" is intense and hypnotic throughout, Adrian Fleet's guitar equal parts shimmering beauty and fuzzed-up drone while Sarah Lippett's bubbling funk basslines and Cat Loye's rhythmic drum beat provide an energetic backdrop to the wonderful blend of noisy dissonance and dreamy vocal harmonies, a debut that's sure to appeal to fans of new wave post-punk and shoegaze alike.

Their are some equally excellent demo tracks on Fever Dream's soundcloud too, my favourites, the haphazard "Poyekhali!" a brutal concoction of feedback saturated guitar, rumbling bass and punishing drums and "Thin Skin" where a sweet girl-group backing harmonies make way for Adrian's atonal, deep vocals whilst their signature repetitive melodies whirl around in your head.

Fever Dream play Native Tongue this Thursday, 9th Feb, I'm hoping to make it down (timings at Power Lunches dependent). Their debut album is due this summer.