iamamiwhoami #4 - Sever (video)

If like me you've been waiting and waiting (I'm not the most patient of person and six months is a long time!) for new iamamiwhoami, you can go to sleep a happy individual tonight, for today has given us just that.

We last saw Jonna Lee suggestively 'bopping' up and down on a bed of toilet rolls and walking naked through a overgrown field on "Clump" (if you've not seen the video, I promise I'm not making this shit up), today's track and accompanying video is a much 'simpler' affair, most of the artistic affects and pulsating synth ambience is gone, instead "Sever" is a clean, cold and haunting affair, downcast beats and mystical synth loops provide the soundtrack for a beautiful vocal performance for Jonna, like nothing released before it's an instant favourite with me.

As always with iamamiwhoami the video is equally interesting, I've absolutely no idea what is going on (I never do) but at least we now know what the honey monster gets up to in his spare time! A visual and aural treat, "Sever" will compel and hypnotise fans all over the world. Now about those UK shows....