iamamiwhoami #5 - drops

The incredible iamamiwhoami normally keep us waiting for months in-between tracks, this time it's been just two weeks since her last track "Sever" and today's release of "Drops" and of course its accompanying video. Today's arrival is a direct continuation from where "Sever" left off, Jonna Lee dancing in her underwear in a room with the honey monster until she crashes through the floor to a car park and has a face-off with not one but six honey monsters. Oh, and the Volvo's back too! As symbolic, artistic and bizarre as ever, I'm sure they'll be some college's offering courses on the meaning of her videos soon!

The music of "drops" is more anthemic than "Sever", an adrenaline pulsing beat could easily be the soundtrack to your gym session but it's just as melodic, beautiful and spine-chilling as ever, I'm yet to be disappointed by this ever-evolving project, I don't think it's going to happen any time soon...

Even better is that news about an actual release of iamamiwhoami's material has been annouced by her (apparent) label, the audiovisual album 'Kin' will be released June 11th, apparently 'Kin' will consist of chapters (songs to you and I) of which "Sever" was the first chapter and "Drops" is the second. One thing for certain is that it'll be amongst the hottest releases of the year.