Pair of Arrows - New Music "Introducing"

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A mysterious email dropped into my inbox a few weeks ago (that's how far behind I am with submissions - sorry), other than various networking links it's entire content was 'Feel free to post and link as a free download. Thanks so much! luv p/\ir Of /\rrows'. Not much to go on then, though to be honest, that's a pretty good submission for me. Endless paragraphs of writing with no links (it's incredible how many email submissions have no music stream link and or no website / facebook link) get ignored, belatedly I pressed play on the soundcloud link and allowed myself to be immersed in the San Francisco duo's debut track "Superimposed"

The after-hours electro-beauty takes its lead from The XX with washes of sparse synthetic glitches, haunting atmospherics and soft, soothing vocals that make for a great, relaxed listen, just what you might need if you've had a long week at work. Pair of Arrows are Swan Palermo and R.D. White, we might not know who they are yet, we can hope their next tracks as good as this. Free download below: