Savages - New Music "Introducing"


Fledgling London based four piece Savages have some predigree behind them, with vocalist Jehn and guitarist Gemma also being members of the wonderful John & Jehn and were hand-picked by British Sea Power to play their inaugural gig back in January, that might go a little way to explain that despite, to date, having played less than a handful of gigs and having no recorded material online they have been lauded by The Quietus and NME already. The main reason though is because (I'm yet to see them live, that will change soon) from the live video taken from their debut London show they sound absolutely fucking incredible.

The song you can watch below is called "City's Full", it's intense and totally entrancing. Dark rumbling bass lines, menacing drum rhythms and Jehn's venomous vocal hits you like a ton of bricks and just makes you want to play it louder and louder, again and again.