Selebrities #2 - Night Heat


Stylish 80's disco-noir has undoubtedly been experiencing a renaissance of late, with labels such as Italians Do It Better and Captured Tracks and acts like Chromatic, Glass Candy and Cosmetics gaining (fittingly) glowing praise with crictics and music fans alike, last year saw the genre propelled to the mainstream with it's use on the exceptional sountrack to one of the best films of recent years, Drive. One of the acts hoping to use the growing popularity to their advantage are Brooklyn trio Selebrities, with the release of their new track "Night Heat" that should be a formality, its brooding ambience is cool and slick and the band about to embark on a month long European tour I'm sure more fans will soon follow.

Their debut album 'Delusions' was a sleeper hit last year, with its more sinister twist of post-punk and dark disco and while "Night Heat" loses a little bit of the industrial feel, it will appeal to the early adopters too. Kaleidoscopic guitars swirl around the seductive synthetic beats with the alluring vocals of Maria Usbeck wrapping itself around you. Gorgeously addictive, let it be the soundtrack to your Friday night 2012, not 1984.

"Night Heat" is released March 20th on 7" vinyl via Cascine.

Selebrities - Night Heat from Selebrities on Vimeo.