She's So Rad - New Music "Introducing"

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She's So Rad are Auckland, New Zealand based duo Jeremy Toy & Anji Sami, my apologies to whoever I got the tip from because I've completely forgotten you now, needless to say it was a bloody good call, one listen to the exceptional "Iceblock" and I'm hooked... She's So Rad's debut album 'In Circles' came out last summer and offers a genuinely exquisite combination of shoegaze and electronic music, the release seems to have been overlooked outside NZ so here's hoping more important blogs than myself will also arrive late to the scene.

Opening track "Iceblock" with its swirling shimmering melody is just glorious, Jeremy provides the layers of dreamy and psychedelic guitars, Anji the kaleidoscopic keys with both combining to provide soft, ethereal harmonious vocals. Equally impressive is the next track "Circles", a jangly-guitar driven pop-song which hypnotises you with its more jagged, reverb heavy guitars and upbeat, urgent beat, in a similar vein "Videos" is another highlight, driven by the rhythmic repetition of twinkling processed beats and fuzzed-up guitar while "Georgie's Song" is the most devastating on the album, the calming melody more soothing than battering, the switch in pace for this melancholic beauty works perfectly, simply gorgeous.

Enough superlatives, "In Circles" is available now digitally via bandcamp with a 12" vinyl in the works, add it to your 'missed in 2011' lists.