SNEAKPEEK #2 - Walk All Over Me

Last summer California's SNEAKPEEK sent me into superlative overdrive with three demo tracks that brought together elements of 'dream-pop beauty and grungy, garage-rock sludge', since the four-piece have been busy finalising their debut album release due late this year and I'm very happy to bring the first play of one its tracks "Walk All Over Me".

Set the volume to loud and prepare for this psych-rock beast for "Walk All Over Me" with its maelstrom of distorted buzz-saw guitars, crashing drums and angsty vocal snarls sees the band literately spitting with venom, but amongst the wallowing dirge of noise is a hypnotic riff that's sure to lead to an ocean of nodding heads from devote disciples at future live shows.

If you're eager for more My Old Kentucky Blog previously premièred another track "Through The Looking Glass", which similarly lays its reverb-laden guitars down thick while the hazy, slow motion melody and Dora Hiller's dreamy, nonchalant vocals hint at the sweeter side of SNEAKPEEK.

Listen below, fall in love and get excited about that album. I'll bring you news on that once it's announced.