SoftSpot #3 - Holy Father (live video)

Every now and then you come across a band who really strike a chord with you, a band you think are so ridiculously incredible that you wonder how the hell they aren't household names, or at the very least independently acclaimed by crictics who (claim to) matter. One such instance for me is Brooklyn's SoftSpot, a band I've covered with overwhelming superlatives a few times since I discovered the duo-now-trio just over a year ago (check out my 'Introducing' post from last Jan here), geographical boundaries mean (to date) I've not seen them play live, believe me if I'm ever stateside I'll be demanding a gig and if Softspot ever come to Old Blighty, I'll be there with bells on.

A sign of what to expect can be seen on the official live video to one of their tracks, the jaw-dropping "Holy Father", exceptionally shot in a beautifully mirrored room dimly lit by candlelight and decorated by dreamcatchers. It's the perfect setting for these three incredible musicians to display their talents, the slow-burning start is haunting and Sarah's vocals, as ever, beautiful, instantly it catches your attention as it weaves its way through, the glistening melody simmering at boiling point until at three minutes it finally erupts with a euphoric blast of energy, blistering guitar and heavy-hitting drums combine with Sarah's ethereal coo's to a heavenly conclusion.

Now, can I have the same treatment for (an extended version of) "Bones" please guys?!

Tell your friends. Get the 'NOUS' EP via bandcamp now.

Holy Father from SoftSpot on Vimeo