SoftSpot #4 - The Cleansing Hour

You know the old proverbial of London buses... well I've been waiting for what seems like forever (in fact it's only been about five months - I'm impatient) for news on SoftSpot and now I've had two new items to share in the matter of weeks, following from the incredible live video for "Holy Father" is a brand spanking new song entitled "The Cleansing Hour".

It's an absolutely beauty too, slowly building upon mournful shades of melancholic guitar and a metronomic drum beat "The Cleansing Hour" entwines gently around Sarah's softening vocals and bells until at the three minute point light is finally allowed to win and the track blossoms with Softspot's signature cataclysm of sumptuous, shimmering sounds which manage to induce just about every spine-tingling sensation possible in me before parting and finishing as it begun, with its stark backbeat outro.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, I love this band. Listen to the track below, I'm sure I'll be bringing you news of Brooklyn's most underrated band again very soon.