Soko #3 - First Love Never Die

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I read something a few days ago from a pretty recognisable blog where it described itself as a 'buzz blog' which, in all honesty, completely baffled me. The idea of a blog (in my opinion) is to provide an online equivalent of a personal journal where you provide commentary on things you find interesting, clearly in my case that is music. So to describe yourself as a 'buzz blog' is, again subjectively, completely contrary to the whole purpose and principle of blogging.

In layman's terms it's basically saying;  'I'm creating a blog to do nothing other than post what is popular elsewhere'. Why? What does that do? Generate endless hits because you are posting what everyone is searching for which leads to advertising revenue and endless promos? Gain you 'hipster' points and street cred? I don't know, I don't plan to find out. I post (some - I don't have time for all) of the music I like, my music taste is a little obscure and I tend to favour new bands and this is reflected here but every now and then I do post an artist which is capable of almost 50,000 hits on a video in about 72 hours, in this case that's SoKo, I fell in love with her in the second half of last year and then became even more smitten after seeing her play at The Borderline, a steady stream of videos' have tided me over until the release of her debut album (due 20th Feb), the latest is the wonderful "First Love Never Die", a typically sepia-tinged video that fits the natural beauty of Soko's soft, dreamy music perfectly. Beautiful is the key word, simply beautiful. Check out the stunning, tortured version of "We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow" too.

You can pre-order a CD / Double LP of the album 'I Thought I Was An Alien' here. An eight week European tour starts next week with the full list on SoKo's website. I advise you go.