The Staves #3 - Motherlode EP / I Try (Video)

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Just down the road from me is a town called Watford, if you've been there a few times you'll know it's not exactly going to win many prizes for the best kept town award, though head outside of its concrete centre and there are some lovely, picturesque areas and it's from these that I'd like to think The Staves dwell, three Hertfordshire sisters with an uncanny knack of interweaving intricate guitar arrangements, subdued percussion and to die for vocals with breathtaking results.

The Staves' second EP 'Motherlode' is released April 2nd and will feature three new tracks, the first, the title-track can be streamed below, another flawless track which sees their genteel melodies slowly and luxuriously linger in your brain while their heavenly harmonies sooth your soul. Equally worth your time is the simply gorgeous live performance of "I Try", recorded on their recent US tour you can't help but fall in love with the plaintive, seemingly simplistic, finger-picked ballad, just beautiful.

The girls tour the UK from mid April including a date at London's Tabernacle on May 1st (full dates / tickets).

The Staves - I Try (Sofar - Dallas/Fort Worth) from Sofar - Dallas / Fort Worth on Vimeo.