Throwing Up #2 - Big Love

I have an abysmal short-term memory, tell me something without my undivided attention and there is no doubt I'll have forgotten it pretty much instantly, though I acutely remember when I first posted about Throwing Up... I was suffering with something uncommonly known as 'Joy Formidable lurgy', a man-flu and hangover rolled into one which is an all to common consequence (for me at least) of seeing your favourite band up and down the country. So much so that I cancelled a trip to Cardiff to see them again and instead I posted about the London pop/punk trios storming single "Mother Knows Best"

Fast forward to Valentine's Day for the debut of their next track, though of course, I'm slow on the uptake... There is a real sense of fun to the brash aural assault of "Big Love" (officially released March 12 as a double a-side single with the lead-track available for free download below),  its raw, blistering energy propelled by distorted, chugging guitar, deep bass-lines and urgent skittish drums which provide an almighty thump during the playful chorus. Sod Adele's weary, cumbersome nonsense, what better way to say you love someone than a good old fashioned beer-drenched mosh to some loud, crashing noise.

Throwing Up play their last UK show with current drummer Ben Rayner this Thursday, 23rd Feb at The Marquis of Lansdowne (free entry / details) before heading to New York / SXSW in March.