Tiny Fireflies - New Music "Introducing"


It's Valentine's Day, a day to spend highly inflated sums of money on things for your loved one that they probably don't need or want (how many grown women / men want a teddy bear / balloon / key ring with a heart on it?!). I'm far too much of a miserable git to enjoy such 'events' so instead I'll post about a band that you'll instantly want to cosy up against and fall in love with, Chicago duo Tiny Fireflies, who released their debut single in 2010 and an EP last year and came to my attention through the powers of the old internet a while back (code for I can't remember the source, sorry).

Their four track EP 'Change' is sheer dream-pop bliss from start to finish, built around gentle, melancholic melodies lead track "Your Love" is genuinely beautiful, soft synth-based swirls and metronomic drum machine beats provide a suitable backdrop for the ethereal, sweet vocals of Kristine Capua to melt your heart. The title track and my favourite "So Sad to Say Goodbye" are slightly more urgent, glistening synth sparkles and Kristine's delicate vocal combine to create catchy pop tracks that are simply too lovely for words.

I've also included a stream / download link for their debut track, the luscious "Don't Wait Until I Fall Asleep". So now, instead of paying £24.99 for 12 red roses that will be dead by Sunday why not buy something that will last forever for just $4 (via bandcamp), put it onto your docking station / CD player, settle down on the sofa (loved one optional) with a warm blanket and dream about happy times. Thank me after.