TOPS - New Music "Introducing"

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Montreal four piece TOPS were just what I needed today, a lethargic weekend with a few too many beers on Saturday night followed by (typical) Monday morning blues at the office and real-life difficulties meant I was pretty downcast as I returned home, a couple of listens to the wonderful "Turn Your Love Around" and my mood was a little better, luscious and chilled, the track swirls around with sumptuous guitar / synth based melodies and relaxed vocal harmonies, the lyrics catchy and the music, for what of a better word, super cool. Expect to hear the song being played in student halls and drinking bars all over the world, for it's cozy, inviting and damn-right gorgeous.

A soundcloud search later discovers "Diamond Look", where flickering midnight synths, 80's guitar riffs and gentle percussion combine with the unusual vocals (I've read Twin Sister similarities a couple of times already) to an equally smooth (and a bit alluring) listen.

TOPS' debut album "Tender Opposites"  is due in two weeks, Feb 28th on very limited cassette (80 copies) in Euro / UK release via Atelier Ciseaux here and Tape / CD via Arbutus ROTW. Definitely worthy of further investigation.

[via Music Fans Mic]