Veronica Falls #8 - My Heart Beats


Veronica Falls have wasted no time resting on their laurels since the release of their excellent debut album, UK / US tours towards the end of 2011 saw them showcase new tracks "Last Conversation" and "Bury Me Alive" (you can watch both via links in a previous VF blog posting here) and now ahead of a US tour (starting today) and a UK tour next month, they've spoiled us even further with the release of a brand spanking new track, "My Heart Beats".

All of the Veronica Falls blueprints are there for all to hear, the wonderful upbeat melody, the propulsive beat, the heavenly harmonies and, of course, the smothering of darker melancholic atmosphere, as with last years debut, it makes you again reach for the play button as soon as it finishes, utterly compulsive. Three tracks in and the follow-up could potentially be even better than the debut, an exciting thought indeed.

Veronica Falls play their largest show to date at London's Scala on March 14th with support from the wonderful Novella (tickets), the full list of shows can be found on their website.

Veronica Falls - Last Conversation from Future Sweden on Vimeo.