We Walk on Ice #2 - One Fine Day Part II


I came across the luscious "Sea Sick" and "The Beast" by London based We Walk on Ice nearly a year ago now, I'm always partial to dreamy melodies and soft, ethereal vocals so really it wasn't difficult for me to fall for their gorgeous music. Since the band have stayed firmly on my radar and were amongst the first acts I asked to play at my recently started live music night (shameless plug: We Walk on Ice play my night at The Old Queen's Head next Tuesday, 21st February - full details / £3 tickets).

The duo release their debut 7" single "One Fine Day Part II" on March 19th (stream / watch below), a beautiful continuation of their cinematic soundscapes, Ida's compelling vocals combine with breezy guitar, focused drum beats and glistening xylophone(?) to create a soaring, energetic anthem that will surely sound even better live (hint!).

No pre-order details yet, so follow the band on facebook to keep up to date with the latest.