Aggi Doom - New Music "Introducing"

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Aggi Doom are the first discovery through my new favourite indie label Soft Power Records (some more are to follow), a label who've already put out a tape by Trogons and have releases by Big Wave and September Girls in the pipeline, definitely enough to meet with this blogs approval, back on the track of this particular blog post, the Glasgow four piece will release their debut 7" 'Bring Me The Head b/w Cakewalk' on May 21st - limited to just 300 7" and will be available to pre-order here...

The raw and infectious "Bring Me The Head" is a harsh blend of trippy psychedelia and 60s garage stomp with a fair share of moody, post-punk angst thrown in for good measure, bouncing bass-lines, ramshackle drums and a catchy as fuck choruses cause you to lose your British inhibitions, it's distinctive, raw and energetic. Basically what I'm saying is it makes you want to get on the dance-floor and jump up and down like crazy, the sloppy playing of instruments and aggressive primal shouts just add to the charm.

You'd be forgiven for thinking "Cakewalk" was a different band, the urgency and power in the vocals disappear completely, instead there is this intoxicating blend of smooth guitar and space synth (I don't know, it sounds like something from an Amiga 500 sci-fi game!) that's in no hurry to go anywhere before Claudia's ethereal vocals grab you for a reason a world apart from what I just said, soft and intoxicating, then by the time the vocal harmonies reach full flow and cowbells signal the start of the songs end, you're completely smitten.

A compelling debut from surely one of Glasgow's finest new bands, who's in for sharing the bus fare for Aggi Doom and Palms to get down to London soon? Listen to both sides below: