Alice Jemima #2 - All The Boyfriends

I'm pretty sure I mentioned falling in love when I first featured Alice Jemima here last month, it's safe to say I have, consider me well and truly smitten. To compound those inner butterflies Alice has released a new track "All The Boyfriends", delicate guitar twangs give the platform for Alice's soft, heart-warming vocals and pretty as a flower lyrics. It's undeniably sweet and innocent and gorgeous enough to make grown men quite giddy.

A re-working of one of Alice's older tracks "Red Coat" has also been released, this studio recording is clean and crisper and allows the upbeat melody to shimmer and shine on what is perhaps Alice's future hit single, for surely Radio Two listeners would surely stop their household chores for a listen to this charming slice of pure, beautiful pop.

I'm delighted to say that Alice has agreed to play my forthcoming live music night at The Old Queen's Head on April 10th, the full line-up is pretty incredible if I do say so myself (and I do and will repeatedly), also playing are Emily and the Woods, Like Spinning and Anna Lena & The Orchids. Four incredible acts all who've previously featured here on the same evening... I can't wait! For more details / tickets head to my events tumblr here.