Allo Darlin' - Capricornia

Allo Darlin' are one of those bands that I always assume I've covered but find I haven't, the demand to appear (probably self manifested) to be constantly finding 'new bands' sometimes means 'established' acts get ignored, when I tend to average time to post about a blog a day and there are 100's of bands I could post about obviously some have to get missed, but now this London based indie-pop quartet have created such a perfect, summers day gem that I can't help but post about it.

"Capricornia" actually came out in the height of winter this year, mid February was about the only time we needed our winter costs, fast forward six weeks and we are, of course, experiencing something of an early summer here in London and this, as the title might have told you, is a joyous, uplifting slice of pure pop about vocalist Elizabeth Morris' home country, it will definitely steal your heart with its fun-filled guitars jangles, colourful drum slapshes and pitch perfect vocals, good mood inducing and just lovely. I had my first ice cream of the year this lunchtime, I should have been listening to this at the same time.

Allo Darlin's second album 'Europe' is due for release next month via Fortuna Pop! and if you pre-order from Rough Trade you'll get a bonus CD that feature six covers including AC/DC and Bruce Springsteen! Sounds like even more fun times are ahead. The band also headline Indietracks which is already jam packed full of acts covered here. A festival that should be on your shortlist this year.