Beach Day - New Music "Introducing"


It maybe March but it felt like May or June in my office today, I spent the whole afternoon wistfully looking outside my window wishing I could have been anywhere else than at work, ideally it would have been an a beer garden, a few beers followed by a nap in the sun, that would have been perfect. As it turned out I stayed in office until the sun had all but disappeared, so to make up for it I came home and listened to some utterly gorgeous music from across the pond.

Beach Day sound just as you'd imagine a trio from Florida named Beach Day would, sugar-sweet surf-pop tunes inspired by the Shangri-La's and the 60's, the simple, care-free sort of music that lets your mind aimlessly float to simple, stress-free times, a bit like a Friday afternoon in the sun.

"Beach Day" and "Walking On The Streets" make you feel like you've been transported into your Instagram application, nostalgic and breezy melodies see cowbells, languid beats and hazy, dreamy shoegaze guitars combine with the effortlessly beautiful vocals to sumptuous effect. I'd like this on a cassette please.

Listen below and download three demos for free via bandcamp now.