The Creakies - New Music "Introducing"

While Seattle duo The Creakies (Lily Kerson and Tori Wolffe) may not be treading too much new ground with their recently released four track debut EP 'Redwood' (available on a pay-what-you-like basis via bandcamp) I can't help but find something about their lo-fi noise-pop highly endearing, four simple tracks that take up less than nine minutes over of your life but almost beg you to press the repeat button on conclusion

Mixing the aforementioned fuzz-pop with shoegaze elements the guitar melodies are buried amongst murky fuzz while punchy drum beats and sweet, upbeat vocals swirl around your head, diy garage pop for sure but it's also extremely effective and catchy and has me crying out to open up a beer and wish it was summer. The EP, highlighted best on the brisk "Arnold's Song" and the glorious ramshackle that is "Because You're Young", apparently (an unknown to me) Cock Sparrer cover, has certainly managed to capture my heart, fast, short and noisy, let it grab yours too.

Listen below: