CURXES #2 - Haunted Gold

The unstoppable juggernaut that is Brighton electronic duo Curxes released their newest creation to the world last week, the monstrous "Haunted Gold", an absolute powerhouse of a track where Macaulay Hopwood's relentless industrial rhythms propel pounding drum machine beats, pummelling bass and the dramatic vocals of Roberta Fidora.

Displaying more than its fair share of pomp and aggression it's Curxes most urgent and menacing track to date (and that for duo who've been releasing mutated synth-pop for almost a year now), I know I used these comparisons before but think Depeche Mode on acid or Siouxsie at her most intense, "Haunted Gold" is energetic and entrancing, play it loud and play it proud.

The track will be available on iTunes from the 10th April 2012 with a vinyl release date to follow for Record Store Day. Curxes are surely one the UK's most creative and interesting new electronic acts. Also check out the animated video below, painstakingly created with (a lot of) gold glitter and a scanner (rather them than me!).