Ellen and The Escapades #2 - All The Crooked Scenes


Leeds alt-folk quartet Ellen and the Escapades are back with a couple tasters for their forthcoming debut album 'All The Crooked Scenes', due for release on April 16th (the same day the band headline London's Lexington with support from the equally lovely Paper Aeroplanes - tickets).

The title track instantly pulls you in, its meandering melody is infectiously catchy as it roars on along like a steam train journey through the countryside, Ellen's husky vocals complement perfectly, though hidden amongst the up-tempo joyous rhythms the lyrics are deceptively dark, the highlight for me is the ending verse, the pacing slows down and the instrumentation subsides to allow the gorgeous vocals to blossom in defiant strength. Compelling and addictive, it cries out for repeat listens.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, the equally well crafted album track "This Ace I've Burned" has also mean made available for your listening pleasure, a slower and melancholic number, its warming, intimate and completely gorgeous. Listen below: