Everything by Electricity - New Music "Introducing"

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Everything By Electricity are a newly formed London based trio who came to my attention last week, I was unable to make what was only their second ever London gig at the Old Blue Last but I’ve only heard good things about it, which comes as no surprise given the incredible promise portrayed on their three online tracks.

“Lights Down Low” is simply gorgeous, shimmering guitars, sparkling synths and dreamy vocals, it's a combination made in the heavens. I keep thinking about 'Fantasies' era Metric whilst listening, perhaps it's the enchanting vocals, the way they fit so perfectly around the glistening pop melody and the luscious effect it all has on my body.

“Novocaine” is equally impressive, pure pop sensibilities run through ringing guitar chords and crashing, punchy beats, cascading beautifully to a powerful and engaging finale, the best though is perhaps “Hello Nothing”, surely a future signature live track, intelligently composed it gradually builds around waves of rich, textured guitars to reach an almost anthemic wall of sound, noise and beauty so perfectly entwined, this is a band with a great future ahead of them. For three debut tracks, they are quite something. Best of all? These are only demos!

 Everything by Electricity play Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on March 20th - details.