Father Sculptor - New Music "Introducing"

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Father Sculptor are currently keeping their 'details' cards close to their chests, a brief biography on their soundcloud page reveal their location to be Glasgow coupled with cryptic details of their beings, either way, it hardly matters to me, this blog isn't entitled 'Just Band Members Details I Like', all I care about the music and it is safe to say that Father Sculptors' early showings are quite something..

Their debut release "Ember" is due to be released on April 16th via bandcamp coupled with an as yet unheard track "Blue", simply put it induces all kinds of goosebumps.

Patiently building around moody soundscapes, shimmering guitars and metronomic rat-a-tat beats it takes over a minute for the vocals to finally enter and once they do, they utterly floor you. Soft and poetic, 'Mr As-yet-unknown' has this wonderfully smooth vocal style and powerful lyrical prowess that gives a few nods towards some 80's indie acts and even though it's a bit presumptuous to say already, "Ember" could just be the birth of a word-smith to give Morrissey a run for his money, there is something overwhelmingly beautiful about the track as it struggles to be set free, let it take you too.

Earlier track "Velvet Falls" is equally impressive, though wholly different, strong and dramatic instrumentation sweeps the track along in almost euphoric, anthemic way (sorry to use 'that' word, this isn't Coldplay). Whatever it is, however you want to describe it, it is absolutely fucking brilliant.

Father Sculptor played their first gig supporting Spector in February, more shows are surely to follow, come play in (London's) Capital.