Feathers - New Music "Introducing"


No, I'm not duplicating a post I did last year, this post is in an altogether different act called Feathers (though do check out the previously blogged Australian Feathers here), primarily the work of Anastasia Dimou who currently lives in Austin, Texas (as I can't be in SXSW in a time when hundreds of acts from all over the world embark on a city, why not post about one who lives there!) Feathers' debut track "Land of the Innocent" is a fine introduction to their highly polished and darkly atmospheric electro-pop.

Moody, murky synth warbles and penetrating beats introduce "Land of the Innocent", the rhythms remind me of Austra, dramatic and precise but that thought ends with the introduction of Anastasia's angelic vocals, a soothing antidote to the heavy pulses, quite the debut track. Another track of their soundcloud "Soft" showcases a more dance-friendly hypnotic beat with an distinctly 80's drum-machine beat, upbeat jaunty melody and siren-like harmonies it's another track that impresses, a debut album is due later this year and is definitely one to look out for.

For live shows Feathers appear to be a bit of a super-group and includes Alex from Ringo Deathstarr as well as other musicians from Austin bands, they played ATP last weekend where their name caught my attention and although I might have missed their debut UK shows, I'm sure I'll have chance to catch them soon.