Fountains - New Music "Introducing"

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Fountains are a new London based five piece who only played their first show a couple of weeks back and came to my attention as the support band for Evans The Deaths' forthcoming London show next week (details).

They've just released their debut release, a limited cassette produced by Rory Atwell (who's also produced countless tracks blogged here by the likes of Veronica Falls, Novella, Fear of Men etc.), entitled 'No Sleep', a three track EP which takes late 70's / early 80's new-wave / post-punk influences and compliments them with flashes of shoegaze / psychedelic brilliance much akin to recent success stories The Horrors and Toy, pointless references aside, it's a pretty impressive debut that seems thus far to have been overlooked by many...

Kicking off with the excellent title-track "No Sleep", an ominous intro of dark cavernous drums and screeching guitar introduces you to the baritone vocal of chief vocalist Jonathan (surname unknown) and his deep, edgy voice compliments the erratic drum rhythms perfectly, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere that eats away at your subconscious, all three tracks are rather doom-laden, the few signs of light come from backing vocalist Bex ethereal coo's and some shimmering guitars on the perfectly titled "Insecure" driven by rumbling bass-lines echoes it's equally impressive; desolate lyrics and repetitive riffs lead to a raw, frenetic conclusion. The best though is saved for last, the wonderful "You're Not Welcome", another extended intro, more claustrophobic vocals and more majestic guitar and drum melodies. Best of all? You can download the EP right now for FREE via bandcamp and grab a future collectors item while you're at it, one of those fifty tapes.