I Like Trains #7 - The Shallows / Mnemosyne


I Like Trains have announced their much awaited come back, third album 'The Shallows' is due for release May 7th via the bands own I Like Records label and is available for pre-order now, lead track "Mnemosyne" is due for release the same day and highlights something of a departure in the brooding post-rock (once again) five pieces' sound (seemingly Ian Jarrold previously of Redjetson has made the jump from live member to full-time addition to the iLT line-up).

For want of a better word "Mnemosyne" sees Leeds finest go disco, if like me, you've spent the last six years or so following the band, right from their excellent debut BEFORETHECURTAiNSCLOSE (when iLT's liked the caps lock key) to 2010's equally excellent 'He Who Saw The Deep' one word that wouldn't have been on your mind is 'funky', yet "Mnemosyne" is most definitely funky. Sparse synth lines combine with a bass-line Hot Space era Queen would have been proud of, don't let it scare you off, the signature I Like Trains dynamic is similarly evident, Dave's impeccable baritone vocals, intelligent beautiful thought out lyrics, shimmering guitars and Simon Fogal's commanding drums.

An exciting track from one of the UK's most consistently over-looked bands, hopefully 'The Shallows' will finally give them the rewards they deserve. I Like Trains play a few UK shows in early May including a headlining gig at London's Borderline on May 7th - tickets.