Jodie Goffe - New Music "Introducing"

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From one incredible London based sixteen year old musician to another, a couple of days after I introduced Ellie Rumbold on these pages here's another folk songstress whose beautiful, heart-warming songs and poetic song-craft are far beyond her years, the latest discovery to have me swooning is Jodie Goffe. There's not much to go on thus far, no webpage, no facebook, no twitter just a handful of live videos and her debut six track EP 'The Day The Moon Left' (Released a few weeks ago via Smugglers Records and can be ordered for £5.00 here), it's more than enough to fall completely in love...

Watch / listen to the sample videos below and you'll understand what I mean, Jodie's blissfully understated guitar playing caresses and soothes and her gorgeous voice fills you with warmth, there is a richness to Jodie's vocals that commands your attention while her delicately plucked melodies calm the mind, sparse, relaxing and overwhelmingly beautiful. Listen to "Light of Day" below for proof. The EP contains a male backing singer who I can't identify at the moment so apologies to him. The studio version of "Searching To Be Lost" equally graceful and pretty, Jodie is sixteen years old and already writing music that will melt your heart, don't feel too bitter now!

"We Many Few" isn't on the EP but I've included it because it's 9 weeks old, has 44 views and is absolutely stunning, you don't have to share this blog post, I don't operate on blog hits but if you like this (and if you like the softer side of my music tastes you will), please share her music on your facebook / twitter. Who knows, a couple of the million people who are buying Adele records can perhaps be introduced to a grassroots singer-songwriter who hasn't got an army of marketeers behind her. Her label are a not-for-profit organisation (an increasingly common theme for independent labels, some not buy choice!) and equally worth supporting.

[thanks for the discovery must go to flying with anna]