Lockets #2 - Bitter Teeth

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Philly's Lockets sent many hearts a flutter with their warm and intoxicating debut tracks "Catch Me" and "Camera Shy", last week saw the release of their third, "Bitter Teeth" and honestly, it's their best yet.

"Bitter Teeth" transcends its shoegaze / dream-pop influences to be something that is ultimately original, Todd's production work subtle and incandescent, the illuminating melody, woozy beats and textured guitars shimmer around Dani's gorgeous harmonies, her ethereal vocal every bit as luscious as the melody, it soothes your pains and captures your mind, a magical kind of beauty.

The track is taken from the duo's debut full length due later this year, don't miss that (or their previous tracks here if you missed them first time around). They played their first live show last Saturday, it won't be their last...

Lockets - Bitter Teeth from Lockets on Vimeo.