The Loveable Tulips - New Music "Introducing"

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It's my lunch-break at work and I'm doing something I rarely do, power-blog. I prefer to post in the comfort of my home surroundings and take my time over my ramblings (you probably wouldn't be able to guess that!) but there's something so instantly warming and dare I say it loveable about "Streets" by Swedish duo The Loveable Tulips that I couldn't resist a post from my desk.

Propelled by a luxurious girl group sheen, the uplifting groovy melody is catchy and fun (if lyrically bittersweet) while the gorgeous dual vocal harmonies are simply divine. "Streets" is pure, blissful pop music, let it warm your cockles on this fine March Tuesday, you won't regret it (though I won't be held responsible when it's spinning around your head all afternoon!).