Mary Epworth - New Music "Introducing"

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I had to miss Mary Epworth (or Mary Epworth & The Jubilee Band, both seem to be used) playing with blog favourites Hella Better Dancer a few weeks back which (obviously) was a really shame, since falling for the mesmerising "Black Doe" I've been meaning to get a blog post down, belatedly, here we are...

As I just insinuated, the first track I discovered of Mary's is her latest single "Black Doe", which has amassed some fantastic radio play (you may or may not be surprised to find I've not listened to the radio by my own doing for about six years) on radio one, xfm and so one, enough to mean a delay to Mary's debut album 'Dream Life' (originally due this month but now unconfirmed via Hand Of Glory), whilst presumably a few pr guru's shape a more (presumably) thorough release campaign, if the current tasters are any an indication the wait will be worth the while.

"Black Doe" is pretty difficult to pigeon-hole, its drenched in dark, haunted synth fuzz while a meandering folk rock banjo repeats then after thirty of seconds or so military drums explode, Mary's vocals are equally spellbinding throughout, moving with the melody from ethereal and eerie to demonic and powerful during the chaotic chorus where the sheer weight of the distortion and pounding beats should come with a warning sign for your speakers, then it drops and its all beautiful again.

My description makes the whole thing sound like a mess, it's not, it's going to knock you off your feet, listen / watch below.