Modern Charms - New Music "Introducing" /

I can't tell you much about Modern Charms, besides their own blogger site and bandcamp I was unable to find anything on the San Francisco trio. To date they've got two tracks streaming and appear to be searching for a label to release a 12" (I know a volunteer!), both tracks are bloody wonderful, their sound a luscious combination of shoegaze, dream-pop and garage rock.

"When We Get There" takes layers of swirling fuzzed-out guitar melodies adds some heavy-hitting drums and combines them with a soft, delicate female vocal to make a blissful and dream-like concoction, "Someday" equally excels, upping the grunge notch a level, sprawling drums and punishing guitar noise awash in clouds of distortion which give the platform for the etheral vocals to graceful glide upon, another intoxicating combination of hard and soft. I don't know who they are, I don't really care, what I do want is to here some more. Stream below: