Parakeet - New Music "Introducing"

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Take 1/4 of Yuck and 1/5 of The History of Apple Pie, throw them into a grunge mixing pot and you'll come up newly formed duo Parakeet. From the former, Mariko Doi takes responsibility of bass and vocals while (probably unsurprisingly given he also drums for THoAP) James Thomas drums, last week they shared the video for their debut track (and first single) "Tomorrow", which came out this week and you can order (on limited self-released 7" vinyl) via the bands shop here and also download for free via bandcamp.

It's a great start too, uncompromising and full of relentless energy, Mariko's snarling cries combine with her thudding bass-lines and crashing beats to make for a distortion drenched noise fest, the lyrics simple and romantic but for me, this track is all about how hard the fuzzbox hits you in the gut. There's no news of live dates or further tracks (besides the b-side not currently online) so for now I'll just say Parakeet are definitely one to keep an eye on...