The Pipers - New Music "Introducing"


The Pipers are an indie pop band from Southampton led by Aaron Piper who will be the perfect soundtrack to welcome you to a new week, a gorgeous blend of soft, swirling melodies for the hopeless romantics amongst us.

Their sound perfectly highlighted on their latest EP, ‘Sunless Sea’, three tracks of shimmering, jangling goodness which blend lo-fi shoegaze aesthetics with dream-like vocals (you know, the sort of thing which quite often fills these pages), "Keep Me in Mind" and "Cold Winds" both sooth and comfort in equal measures, simple and beautiful throughout, unobtrusive drum machine beats and sparkling guitars give the platform for dual-vocal harmonies to delicately ease your troubles away. "Sunless Sea" on the other hand, much like it's title, uses jagged, distorted guitars to make waves of fuzzed-up aural abuse, in summary, quite a wonderful EP. Listen / download at bandcamp:

The Pipers - Cold Winds from Robin Pailler on Vimeo.