Pure Bathing Culture - New Music "Introducing"

Facebook / purebathingculture.bandcamp

It's been a while since I've heard anything from the Father / Daughter camp so I was happy to see an email pop into my mailbox yesterday with details of their next release, the debut 12" EP from Pure Bathing Culture, a duo who've recently moved to Portland from Brooklyn, previously unknown to me, their sweetly, soft dream-pop has instantly melted my heart.

The lead track from the EP (due May 22nd and available to pre-order now from the FD Big Cartel) "Ivory Coast", is simply gorgeous. Over a gentle, relaxed melody wistful beats, ringing guitar and hushed vocal harmonies heal your aching limbs, like a hazy dream that's too beautiful to wake up from.

Bandcamp hints at further greatness, the slightly tropical flavours of "Lucky One" perfectly complements an un-complex day, rich, intoxicating and beyond lovely while "Silver Shore's Lake" treads the same vein of luscious pop instrumentation and sensually warm melodies that's made Beach House household names. Feeling a bit grotty or overworked? Then may I recommend Pure Bathing Culture as the perfect listen to help you to wind down and leave you feeling blissful. I started off with this word and I'll finish with it too, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.