Seapony #6 - Prove to Me


I said on my write up of their debut album 'Go With Me' that I'm an absolutely sucker for the sort of dreamy, blissful tunes that Seapony so effortlessly create and just to prove that point they go and hit me with another one, "Prove to Me" debuted today and is all kinds of wonderful.

It follows the Seattle trios (though judging by the picture expanded for live shows) signature heart-warming indie-pop lines and is one of their most beautiful yet, fluttery drum beats, sparking guitar jangles and Jen's languid, soft vocals combine to simply delicious effect, it makes you all warm inside and reach for a comforting pillow which on a Friday night in nursing a heavy Thursday is just about the perfect combination.

"Prove to Me" is a brand new track which features on a five-year anniversary flexi from Seapony's label Hardly Art and currently only available at their SXSW showcases and anniversary shows. You lucky people. Seapony are definielty one of the bands I'm waiting to see in the UK, please form an orderly queue.